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My acupuncture approaches

My approach to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in general has always been cautious and initially dictated by the skepticism that often characterizes “Western” doctors.

Until a few years ago I hadn’t had a particular propensity for unconventional medicines, nor had I ever personally resorted to this type of treatment.

However, following some conferences and evaluating the unexpected results on some of my patients in Milan and Florence followed by acupuncturists, I realized that acupuncture also had interesting applications in gynecology and obstetrics, especially in the field of fertility and some dysfunctional pathologies. Therefore, I decided to embrace a course of study in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which resulted in daily practice and also in my teaching activity dedicated to medical colleagues and healthcare professionals.

The integration of western medicine with acupuncture has excellent field of application in gynecology and obstetrics as demonstrated by important results in the field of infertility, menstrual disorders, multiple abortion, menopause and last but not least in obstetric practice in pregnancy.

The scientific evidence

There is also some consolidated scientific evidence in this regard and also accepted by Western medicine especially in the field of improving the results of  IVF  and ICSI cycles  with acupuncture, in improving the values ​​of the spermogram and in the treatment of gynecological functional pathologies such as precisely dysmenorrhea, menstrual irregularities etc.

The teaching activity

On some of these topics I have published the book you see at the bottom of the page, in collaboration with Franco Cracolici, Vice President of WFAS ( Couple infertility and assisted procreation, acupuncture techniques and Chinese medicine ); moreover, as an acupuncturist registered with FISA , I hold courses in acupuncture and integrated medicine at the  School of Traditional Acupuncture in Florence.

Disorders and addictions that can be treated with acupuncture

Also, not to be forgotten is the important role of acupuncture, even greater than that of Western medicine, in the treatment of low back pain and headache. Other fields of interest with good results are detoxification from alcohol and smoking, control of vomiting and nausea both in pregnancy and in case of chemotherapy, control of overweight and obesity and many others.

The average duration of an acupuncture treatment

Many patients ask me about the duration of the acupuncture treatments and the number of sessions necessary to complete the needle therapy: assuming that the modalities always vary from person to person, I generally consider 1 session a week sufficient for a period of at least 4- 5 weeks.

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My path of study as a doctor

acupuncturist in Milan and Florence

The study of acupuncture and Chinese medicine is extremely fascinating and leads us to reflect on how this type of discipline has already reached extremely modern concepts and positions in ancient times.

An indispensable concept for oriental medicine, which in the Western world has taken a back seat, is that of prevention: just think that the Chinese doctor received a fee exclusively to keep his patient in good health, while in case of illness and the need for no fees were paid to him.

Chinese medicine is not only acupuncture, while in my opinion the instances of dietetics and gymnastics are very interesting, which establish the rules for a healthy lifestyle very different from ours, so affected by stress, poor diet and misuse of drugs.

To date, my position is that of integration between the two medicines (with particular attention to preventative medicine): it is in fact essential that the doctor uses all the diagnostic tools and resorts to the therapeutic tools that best suit the patient’s situation.


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