Gynecological disorders

Excluding the periodical routine checks, whenever gynecological disorders occur, booking an appointment for an examination with your gynecologist is always advisable.

Firenze – i principali disturbi ginecologici

In the presence of symptoms such as a persistent vaginal or pelvic pain or burning, sudden vaginal discharge or bleeding; or if you suffer from a sense of heaviness in the lower abdomen, a pain before your period; or whether you’ve noticed changes in the appearance and texture of the breast; but also if you are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), or difficulty when trying to become pregnant: in all these cases, my advice is not to wait too much and have no fear of talking with your doctor.

Any changes in the menstrual cycle (for flow quantity, duration, and interval) or the recurring presence of painful menstruation (dysmenorrhoea), irregular, or abundant (menorrhagia and hypermenorrhea), or sudden metrorrhagia (bleeding independent from the ovarian cycle) must be reported to the gynecologist, who will carry out the most appropriate controls to exclude important diseases and hormonal imbalances linked to them, to identify the causes, and then prescribe the necessary treatment.

Dr. Chiara Riviello
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