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Gynecological disorders

Apart from regular routine check-ups, with the onset of gynecological complaints it is always a good idea to make an appointment for a visit with your gynecologist.


If you have symptoms such as persistent vaginal or pelvic pain or burning, sudden vaginal discharge or bleeding; or if you suffer from a sense of heaviness in the lower abdomen, a pain before the menstrual cycle.


Intervista alla dr.ssa Chiara Riviello, ginecologa


dedicata alla Ginecologia

More reasons to turn to medicine 

Even if you have noticed changes in the appearance and texture of your breasts; if, on the other hand, you have experienced pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), or difficulties in getting pregnant: in all these cases, my advice is not to wait too long and to talk about it without fear with your trusted doctor.

Menstrual cycle alterations

Possible modifications of the menstrual cycle  (for amount of flow, duration, and interval) or the recurring presence of painful (dysmenorrhea), irregular, or abundant (menorrhagia and hypermenorrhea), or sudden metrorrhagia (bleeding independent of the ovarian cycle) menstruation must be reported to the gynecologist. He/She will arrange the most appropriate controls to exclude important pathologies and hormonal alterations connected to them, to identify the causes, and finally prescribe the necessary treatments.

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