Have you ever tried an Online Medical Consultation?


If you need a clinical advice, or a second opinion on your medical problem, the online medical consultation is the solution.

It is easy, less expensive, it avoids traffic, job problems and covid risk in this period.

It also allow you to have an opinion from a doctor of a different country of yours.

From Monday to Saturday you can book an english speaking online consultation, through video calls, no matter where you are.

When should I use an Online Medical Consultation?

  • To check blood sample or other exams already done like ultrasound, MRI
  • To have clinical advice in situation where you don’t need visit or ultrasound
  • If you need a second opinion about a diagnosis or therapy
  • If you need more information on several items such as contraception, menopause, infertility, prevention of Sexual trasmitted disease
  • If you are planning a pregnancy, to have more information on preconceptional test and things to do
  • If you have fertility problems, to understand if you need IVF, which technique is suitable for you and which exams you need to do.
  • If you are pregnant and want to know more about prenatal test, ultrasound and things to do and not to do in pregnancy.


Emergency situation or any situation you need an ultrasound or clinical check, such as, pain, bleeding, or in case of new symptoms you didn’t have before.


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